COVID-19 Update – September 21, 2020

First Baptist Church
COVID Update – 9/21/20
As of today, the State of Ohio and Fairfield County are still under public health orders which, among other things, indicates that face masks must be worn in public indoor locations… including churches. Our church has been and will continue to worship together on Sundays at 8:00 a.m. / 9:15 a.m. / 10:30 a.m. as scheduled. 

Consistent with Romans 13, we are encouraging all who attend to wear masks. There are several exceptions to this order for health, safety or legal reasons that that may affect wearing face coverings. If we see you attending without wearing a face covering, we will assume the best in your decision.

The Governor personally gave guidance toward those leading / officiating or broadcasting religious services which we also intend to follow. Our staff and worship leaders will be wearing face coverings when not on the platform speaking, singing, or teaching.

There are several ways that we could respond personally or corporately. We know that there is a diversity of personal convictions about these issues. Though they can be appreciated, they should not be allowed to be used by Satan to divide the body of Christ. The Gospel is too important. Gathering publicly for worship is blessing many around the world do not enjoy. We are grateful to live in a country where we can still freely proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are looking forward to a great day in God’s house this week and expect that God will continue to work in the lives of people to embrace the Gospel, engage in community, and impact the world for Christ.

Pastor Art Fulks